the Pence family cookbook

Current Coffee Methods

This page will be continually updated, as I refine and alter my current favorite brewing methods for coffee. (I take this probably far, far too seriously.)


For most coffees that I tend to drink (lighter to medium roasts, often Latin American), I’ve been finding that the following produces the best results. (Update: I’ve increased my dosing by about 4g of coffee over the last couple of years.) Get your scale, your stopwatch, filters, kettle, and beans:


It took me a really long time to get this thing to make a coffee that I like, but I finally did, thanks particularly to some chats with Bryce Huebner on Twitter.

Iced Pour-Over

I spent a long time living in the Southern US, where iced coffee is the order of the day, about nine months of the year. This method is delicious. I owe it to the fine folks over at Counter Culture.

Iced Aeropress

I haven’t much tested this, but it seems great so I’m saving it for posterity. Borrowed from Serious Eats.

French Press Cold Brew

I got used to having around cold brew or cold-brew concentrate after I got hooked on coffee mocktails like this one here. I don’t have a Filtron brewer yet (though I may get one soon), so I’ve been using my French Press.

Grinds for Other Methods

Other methods of brewing don’t really need me to keep track of anything but how much coffee to use and which grinder setting to put it on.