the Pence family cookbook


Main Course Italian


for classic tomato and mozzarella:


Take the dough and divide it into balls of around 3 oz (= 85g). If the dough has been frozen, you can let the balls rise a bit, or not.

Cut the mozzarella into cubes (or buy the fresh mozzarella in small balls). Take the peeled tomatoes, cook them for ten minutes in a pan with a little oil, salt to taste and once you’ve removed them from the heat, add the fresh basil leaves.

Roll out the balls into a circle. Place a tablespoon of sauce and a few cubes of cheese, then fold shut, forming a crescent. Press the edges well, then fold the edge over inward and seal it again with a fork.

In a pan, heat the oil to around 350F and fry two panzerotti at a time, waiting for them to turn golden before you flip them over. Drain and serve hot.

La Cucina Italiana, adapted